Hands down the best coffee I've had. Warrior Roast is my personal favorite. exceptional flavor and quality. Definitely worth trying out!

Will Gleck

My wife came downstairs and said " What are you making? The whole house smells awesome!".  I replied "That is freshly ground freedom right there baby", then we both enjoyed this primo coffee.

Nick Konecny

The aroma of Vengeance blend is fantastic. I am a “coffee snob” and this coffee is fantastic.  Smooth, bold and rich, this coffee taste great in my French press plus has the old military caffeine kick. 

Dennis Larue



CTIC coffee is always roasted to order and guaranteed to never be more than 3 days old when shipped. The result is a fresh, bold flavor that is unmatched by our competitors. We’ve taste tested our coffee against some of the “best” out there. And with over 20 years of experience roasting some truly badass brews, we won EVERY TIME!


Veteran owned, operated and roasted. 10% of CTIC's proceeds support homeless veterans and veterans in need.


Why Come Take It Coffee does its own Charity work

Over here at Come Take It Coffee we work hard at what we do. We put in the work to bring the best beans around the world to your doorstep as fresh as possible. CTIC is proud of this. The last thing anyone wants is to support a company that says one thing and does another. This is why CTIC donates 10% of our proceeds to the actual cause. We do not donate to other charities unless we know they use all of it for the cause.

What is a Veteran?

Being a Veteran means you are an ambassador… not just for being associated with the military but for all things in your life. You will be scrutinized, looked up to, frowned at, misunderstood at times, and be sought after for a plethora of reasons. Despite being out of the military you must carry yourself with honor, respect, dignity, and excellence for everything you do. 

What's in your coffee?

That’s what we wanted to know. There are so many steps being cut in the last years with consumer products. Saving money, keeping up with demand. You see it in the news and on social media. Chemicals, GMO, is “Organic” really “Organic” We wanted to check out what was what with coffee.

We bought the best “Organic” coffee you can buy from private farmers from Equador and Uganda. What we, at Come Take It Coffee found was crazy. This test was almost the same through every farm we tried. The results will make you question what you drink!