Is Your Coffee Really "Organic"?  

Defining Organic

Is your coffee really organic? That's what we wanted to know. Often times, coffee manufacturers value cost-saving steps that don't always ensure quality organic products. At Come Take It Coffee we wanted to take the time to check out coffee beans.

Fact: Every country has different laws that govern the definition of organic.   

Uganda is known for its Arabica and Robusta beans.  We took these raw "organic" beans from Uganda and used a HIGH Ph water (12.0) to strip down the raw beans of all the chemicals.  The results are in our video below:

Alkaline Cleaning

This process ensures you are getting the closest to organic coffee as possible. The Result is Come Take It Coffee is often smoother and less acidic than other typical Coffee Companies coffee.

Roast to Order

We then roast to order giving you the freshest coffee delivered to your doorstep.  Our product is never more than 3 days old when shipped to your door.